Yet another boring blog about a selfish artist wannabe, you might think?
Well, you might be right, I assume my selfishness. I hope not to be too boring, though.
But for me, the step of publishing this site has its significance.

The idea is to stopping procrastinating and pretending “I’ll do more painting when I’ll have more time to do so“.
I do like drawing and painting, and I have now decided to take the time to pursue this activity.
Sharing is caring“, as they say, so… here I go public, with the hope to bring something to someone, sometime!

  • If I get a (cunstructive) comment once in a while about what I do, I will be satisfied!
  • If some of you get committed enough to order a painting or drawing from me, I will be highly motivated!! 😉
  • If someone challenges me with a nice, interesting and creative project, I will be thrilled !!! 😀

So please, feel free to comment, show your commitment and… thrill me! I’m willing to consider any request!

I have used the term Open-Source Painting on purpose, and I mean it: feel free to use the pictures you can find here for whatever purpose, in the limits of fair use. They do not contain any watermark and I won’t crawl the internet for traces of misuse… My only request is: if you use something, give credits to the author, by a link to this website!

You will not find any “ads by…” or “sponsored links provided by…” on this website.
People deserve a break from the constant exposure to random (or even worse: targeted) advertisement and I want my visitors to enjoy the visit!
I will also avoid the psychologically harassing “Please-donate-1$/€-so-I-can-survive-and-maintain-this-site” scheme.
What about the orange and green button at the bottom of the page, some may ask? Well, flattr users know already the difference between begging and sharing. For the others, who are interested, they may get informations by following the link.
For those, however, who can’t help helping others, there is a contribute page, with links to some charity organizations. They really need it. Furthermore, I engage myself to donate each year 10% of the earning I make (if any!)  from selling paintings or drawings, to one or more of those organizations.

Oh, and by all means, if you catch me enjoying myself telling you what I ate at breakfast or explaining you why the world is so mean to me because it has been raining for three days in a row, you can reasonably delete this address from your bookmark list and consider that the site has been hijacked by some fanatic activist operating from a remote country…

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